Tintri IPO

Tintri IPO

Tintri offers highly-differentiated and extensible enterprise cloud platform which combines cloud management software, web services and a range of all-flash storage systems. Its enterprise cloud platform not only delivers many of the benefits of public cloud infrastructure, but also gives organizations the control and functionality they need to run both enterprise and cloud-native applications in their own private cloud. Organizations use its platform as a foundation for their own private clouds—to build agile development environments and run mission-critical enterprise applications. The company enable users to guarantee the performance of their organization’s applications, automate common IT tasks to reduce operating expenses, troubleshoot across compute, storage and network, predict their organization’s needs to scale and provide needed elasticity on demand. Its enterprise cloud platform enables organizations to easily scale to support tens of thousands of virtual machines on a single system across multiple hypervisors and containers. The solution helps its customers optimize infrastructure by significantly simplifying deployment and operations, which can lead to substantial reductions in capital expenditures and operating expenses.

Tintri’s enterprise cloud platform is based on the Tintri CONNECT web services architecture, which has similar design characteristics as public cloud architecture—using web services that are easy to assemble, integrate, tear down, reconfigure, and connect to other services. Its CONNECT architecture uses a building-block approach that is predicated on REST application programming interfaces, or APIs, and virtual machine, or VM, and container level abstraction. REST APIs are needed to write automation scripts and connect to other elements of infrastructure, and make it possible for web services to be combined and to communicate with other services effectively. Through a comprehensive set of proprietary software tool kits and plugins, it enable users to develop customized workflows and to automate their operations. The CONNECT architecture is based on our virtualization-aware file system that allows an organization to view, manage and analyze application performance and quality of service, or QoS. CONNECT integrates with all major virtualization architectures, including those offered by VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Red Hat and OpenStack, and can connect with public cloud service providers.

Tintri (TNTR) IPO details

Subscription Date 30 June 2017
Price Band USD7 per share
Core IPO Size 10 million shares (USD70 million)
Over-allotment option Nil
Total IPO size 10 million shares (USD70 million)


Tintri's consolidated financial performance (in USD mil., for year ended 31 Jan)

2015 2016 2017
Total revenue 49.8 86.0 125.1
Cost of revenue 21.7 32.2 44.1
Profit after tax (69.7) (101.0) (105.8)

Source: Tintri's S-1 Filing

Major shareholders in Tintri

Beneficial owner Number of shares % of shares before the IPO
Entities affiliated with New Enterprise
31,788,952 22.7
Entities affiliated with Silver Lake
27,384,198 20.4
Entities affiliated with  Insight Venture
27,022,863 20.2
Lightspeed Venture Partners VIII, L.P. 19,814,986 14.5
Ken Klein 5,132,553 3.8
Ian Halifax 989,344 -
Michael McGuire 471,250 -

Source: Tintri's S-1 Filing

Tintri Inc
303 Ravendale Dr,
Mountain View, CA 94043

Phone: +1 650 810 8200
Website: www.tintri.com

Earnings Per Share (EPS): (USD5.12)

Price/Earnings (P/E) ratio: NA

IPO Date: 29 June 2017

Listing Price on NASDAQ: INR7.12 per share (up 1.7% from IPO price)

Closing Price on NASDAQ: INR7.27 per share (up 3.9% from IPO price)

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